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Established in 1976 in Toronto (Canada), Questa Design Limited began as a company which designed and manufactured precision scientific instruments for the industrial community.  From the company's beginnings, Questa Design was recognized for its unique design solutions, sound engineering, quality manufacturing, and exceptional service.  From these basic elements, the company expanded to other manufacturing solutions to diverse fields of industry, academic institutions, and government.


Currently, Questa Design Limited utilizes industry-leading CAD/CAM/CAE packages and CNC machines to deliver quality products for low, medium and high production at our 20,000 sq. ft. facility.


What does the future hold?  At Questa Design Limited, we will continue to invest in our future by incorporating new technology, continous training, enrolling a highly skilled work force, and strengthening communication with our Clients.  With these essential tools, we will continue to serve our Clients well into the future.

Our Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping
CNC Punching
CNC Laser Cutting
CNC Forming
CNC Machining
CNC Turning
Robotic TIG
CNC Fastener

Our Quality

Each component is manufactured by highly accurate machinery and is subsequently examined by the individual operator.  At Questa Design Limited, the primary responsibility of quality assurance begins with each operator.  The component is then passed through various inspections to ensure that it adheres to the Client's specifications.  In addition, Questa Design Limited is registered to ISO 9001 Standards, further strengthening our commitment to total quality management.

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